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  • Vorteile einer Standheizung von Eberspächer

    Eberspächer – providing winter comfort in cars for decades

    Eberspächer Hydronic and Plugtronic for cars

Not only more comfortable and convenient, but also safer and better for the environment

Benefits of an Eberspächer pre-heater

Never scrape ice again

Clammy fingers in the morning are a thing of the past. With an Eberspächer pre-heater, you can look forward to getting into a pleasantly warm car with fully de-iced windows. You can drive without wearing a thick jacket while enjoying full freedom of movement at all times. This is how to get your day off to a relaxing start.

A clear view right from the start

Pre-heaters make an important contribution to driving safety, because even de-iced windows can impair your field of view. Everybody knows the situation when the windows fog up on the inside and setting off on a drive is like flying blind. With a pre-heater in your car, you can benefit from a clear view as soon as you start moving – enhancing safety for you and other road users. 

Good for the engine – and the environment

With many vehicle models, the pre-heater can simultaneously pre-heat the engine too. This prevents wear-inducing cold starting and protects the engine. It also considerably decreases pollutant emissions. Pre-heating the engine also saves fuel, because the additional consumption by gasoline or diesel operated pre-heaters during the warm-up phase is nearly compensated. Car pre-heaters can be retrofitted to suit specific requirements.

Flexible control from almost anywhere

Control your pre-heater from the comfort of your bed or breakfast table by radio remote control or using your smartphone. Complete freedom of choice and movement is at your disposal.

Reliability demonstrated thousands of times over

Developed and manufactured according to strict quality standards, Eberspächer pre-heaters are maintenance free when properly installed and have passed numerous tough durability tests with flying colors. Once installed, they reliably perform their winter service for the entire life of your car.

Your specific criteria are what matters

Two technologies – one value proposition

Fuel operated pre-heaters

Eberspächer Hydronic

Water heater integrated into the coolant circuit. Works with any type of engine. For gasoline and diesel vehicles. Pre-heats interior and engine simultaneously.


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Electrical pre-heaters

Eberspächer Plugtronic

Ideal for operation in garages and car ports with an electrical power connection. Pre-heats interior and engine simultaneously. Emission free.


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Product overview

Product overview